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Methods of payment

Credit Cards

We accept the most common credit cards, prepayed and rechargeable too, issued on the Italian territory: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.


With the payment with credit card won’t be debited any extra charge. For all credit cards it is necessary to enter CVV2 code, otherwise the order will be cancelled. For Visa, MasterCard and Diners’ credit cards, CVV2 corresponds to the last three digits that you can find on the back of the card, while for Amex’s credit cards, the code has 4 digits and you can find it on the front of the paper.


Nota Bene

It could happen that, after have dial credit card’s data and CVV2, one more code or other specific data will asked to you. This happens because some bank institutes want a specific procedure to enable the use of on -line’s credit card. To know how enable the credit card for on-line shopping or to know the code to enter it is necessary to contact directly is7her own banking institute.

When you enter credit card’s data, the bank asks for the authorization of the credit card’s sopping.

In some cases banks notify to customers sending a sms. If you receive sms it does not mean that money have been charged on credit card, but only that they blocked the plafond necessary for the purchase.

The real debit on the credit card occurs only when we deliver the products. Ecomela of Roberta Ceschia confirms with an e-mail that the order has been delivered to the customer’s address: only in this moment the amount will be charged on credit card.

The order payed with credit card could be submitted to an “authenticity check” to verify whose really belongs the credit card, directly by the bank institute.


If the “authenticity check” will be activated, the customer will be informed by Ecomela via e-mail.

This check usually requires:


24 hours for orders done with Visa or MasterCard credit cards;

2 working days for orders done with Amex or Diners credit cards with an investment higher of € 400,00.


If the bank institute will show to Ecomela any irregularity concerning the used credit card, Ecomela will proceed with the annulment of the order giving contextual communication via e-mail.


Pay Pal

PayPal is a system of payment on-line that provides the opening of an account by PayPal.

Choosing this system, after have clicked on “submit order”, you will be redirected to a page of PayPal’s website, where to enter e-mail and password of PayPal’s account, in order to make the payment of the order.

To every transaction carried out with this method, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal.