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Mosct grande in bottiglia da 0,75
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TRADITIONS ARE THE STRENGHTS OF PEOPLE (W. Churchill) and the cider is a traditional product, passed down from one generation to the next all through the Alps.

It is obtained from the apple juice fermentation.  It is important to say that to make this product it is used a particular recipe, made by 18 apple varieties with different percentages.

The alcohol degree (5-7 % vol) depends on the apples’ sugar content, that can vary as the seasons are not always the same, but always in the pre-defined range.

In this product too they use different percentage of different apple varieties to obtain a delicate final product, fragrant and lingering on the tongue.

The taste is this thanks to the carbon dioxide and to the residual sugar content, as opposed to acidity that makes the product balanced.


With this product too we have participated to many contests, both International and Worldwide, occupying the highest positions. Our farm offers to you two kinds of CIDER: SEMI-SWEET AND DRY.


Cider is a low-alcohol-grade drink (4-5% vol.) obtained by the alcoholic fermentation of apple juice, light yellow.


Pack of 6 bottles of 750 ml.