Ita Eng Deu



330 g. flour 00, 160 g. butter, 160 g. sugar, ½ glass of milk, 1 little packet of vanilla yeast, a pinch of salt, ½ glass of schnapps, 5-6 apples.


…get busy and fit the butter with sugar, to obtain a composed soft as cream and add eggshell. Mix thoroughly and then sift on the composed the yeast with flour. Go on mixing and add gradually warm milk and schnapps, paying attention to not form grains. Stiff egg whites and put them in the composed, mixing softly from top to bottom. Cut thin slices of apples, Mèliga did not peel them, but do as you prefer. Grease and put flour in the mold, add the most part of apples, cover with the composed and garnish with the other apples. Bake at 180° (if you have an àthanor is better), checking the baking. Serve the cake warm or cold.


The receipt comes from the romance “memories of Pre Michele” jokes and receipts of a sweet tooth priest, Morganti editori. Paolo Morganti.