Ita Eng Deu



INGREDIENTS (for three servings)

360 gr marinated in apple cider “ECOMELA” of Verzegnis pork fillet

6 Sauris’ slices of speck

100 gr of apples cut into thin slices and flavored with cinnamon

30 gr of lard (sain)

16 gr of whole-wheat bread sticks of “Stefanutti”’s company of Enemonzo

4 gr of hazelnuts

4 gr of butter

6 cl of Brandy

Salt flavored with flowers (with Calendula flowers, Cornflower, flowers and leaves of Monarda) produced by farm RIU DAL MUS held in Sutrio

Pepper to taste

Rosemary to taste



Prepare and cut the meat in 0.4 inch slices.

Marinate the meat for at least one hour in apple’s cider.

Prepare crumble roughly chop breadsticks, hazelnuts, rosemary and salt and cook  in a non-stick skillet with butter.

Cut apples in thin slices and put them in water with lemon.

Prepare lard and slicing Speck of Sauris.

Take the fillet out of marinating and cover with slices of Speck.

Take apples out from water with lemon and sprinkle them with powdered cinnamon.



Melt the lard (sain), add the marinated meat fillet and cook for about two minutes and a half. Turn the fillet and add the salt flavored with flowers, pepper, cinnamon apples and cook for two minutes and a half more.

Increase the heat and flambe with Brandy.

Cook a minute more and serve in hot dishes with apple chips at the bottom of a dish and add crumble on meat slices.


Thanks to Professor Alessia Tambosco and her students of J. Linussio school of Tolmezzo (UD)