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Bag in box apple juice 3L / 3.00 Liters

/ 3,00 Liters
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Apple juice BAG IN BOX of 3 liters has been obtained squeezing 12 apple’s varieties, in different percentage, floating since it depends on season, ensuring in this way an appropriate balance organoleptic and sensory.

In this first pick-up of the fruit, we analyze sugars and acidity, and other characteristics that allow a harmonious mixture for the characterization of the final product.

Not wanting to, by company’s ethic, to use any additive, correction or to add any other substance, it requires a careful analysis in-field at the right time of maturation to determine the right percentages of apples for every single variety.

At this point we pass to the phase of transformation in our laboratory, normal procedure for every juice that we produce.

Apples are washed, minced and pressed before to vehicle them into steel containers for the natural decantation process.

The product will be filtered and then hot stabilized.

The pack Bag in Box of 3 liters lasts 2 years, and once the tap has been opened, one month, as it is vacuum-packed.