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Bag in box apple juice 5L / 5.00 Liters

/ 5,00 Liters
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Pack of Bag in BOX apple juice of 5 liters, more comfortable and cheaper, both for large families and especially for bars, restaurants and hotels, has the same transformations proceeding of apples in juice, the difference is in the percentage of apples, always 12 indigenous varieties of Carnia, by reducing apples with more sugary nectar in favor of those with more acidity.

The result of this modify gives as final result a slightly sour juice, perfect for breakfast and refreshing.

Our fruit juices are free of fibers, and the low sweetness level makes that everyone can drink it, as there is no contraindication.

The biggest difference between BAG in BOX and other similar packs is in the  product storage conditions after opening.

While in the other boxes (as Tetra Pak) we suggest to store in fridge and drink it within two days, in our case it is not necessary to keep it refrigerated and after open, the tap lasts 30 days.

The fact is explained simply because it is vacuum-packed, maintaining in this way the product undamaged down to the last glass.