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Juice made by autumn-ripening apples

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Juice made by autumn-ripening apples is the result of later harvest, the one who concludes the annual production of our orchard.

The tradition wants that the pick-up starts with the occurrence of first frosts. The characteristics of these apples are numerous, but for our product, we mainly enhance sweet – acidity and tannins.

Juice made by autumn-ripening apples is a fresh, refreshing product, good in taste and with a lingering taste.

The perfume of these apples is delicious, thanks to their intrinsic characteristics and to the opportunity to stabilize the product around a lower temperature.

The result that it derives is eloquent, internationally recognized in the several contests we have participated.

The merit is mainly due to the raw material, AUTHOCHTONES APPLES OF CARNIA, grown in our orchard.


Bottle of 750 ml


Pack of 6 bottles